Trolley Liner - Single - Grey with White Crosses

Trolley Liner - Single - Grey with White Crosses


This shopping trolley liner fits into in your handbag! It folds itself into a built-in little sack... so practical! 

Features are:
- your child is not directly in contact with the shopping trolley and is safe from germs
- it covers 360 degrees of the trolley 
- universal fit for all single or double seat trolleys
- slits for the buckle / safety harness
- easy to put on and fold away (imagine a big shower cap)
- fits into your handbag or nappy bag
- machine washable 

It is scientifically proven that a shopping trolley is covered in more germs than a public toilet seat. Kids love chewing on shopping trolleys. Keep them safe with a gorgeous and practical cover!

Before you purchase please check if your local shops carry the single or double shopping trolleys.

All products are cut and sewed individually so small variations to patterns and colours may occur.

Material: Cotton


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