Privacy Policy


Keeping your personal information confidential is important to us at Haven Interiors and Lifestyle.  Before completing your sale, you must read our privacy policies, terms and conditions, shipping and return policies.  By completing the sale, confirms you agree to these regulations.

Your details will only be used for the purpose of completing your order.  For some, occasionally your purchases may be shipped directly from its brand to save on postage costs.  Therefore, your personal information may be shared with the product's brand, and/or postal company.  It is all related to fulfill your order.  Completing your sale once you have read this information gives us permission to do so if necessary.

We are allowed to contact you via email regarding your order or any other inquiries.

For interior decorating services, your personal information and details of your project will be stored in our computer files, back-up hard drive, and if on hard copy, will be stored in a locked file.  

In order for contractors to begin work on your project, you must give consent for Haven Interiors and Lifestyle to pass on your project's address to the involved businesses.  This consent will be signed within the contract.