Nappy Wallet with Mat - Monstera

Nappy Wallet with Mat - Monstera


This beautifully designed nappy wallet features a built-in change mat and has 3 practical pockets to fit 2-3 nappies, travel baby wipes (hard case or small soft pack), disposable nappy bags, mini nappy rash cream etc. One pocket closes with a velcro, the other 2 are open for easier access. You can access the wet wipes without having to open up the nappy wallet which is handy once bub starts solids or is messy in general. The change mat itself (inside) is made of waterproof laminated cotton so you can easily wipe away any accidents. There is a layer of thin wadding so it's more comfortable for your baby to lay on. Closed the nappy wallet looks like a trendy clutch that has a handy loop to attach to a pram etc.

Measurements: 60cm long x 56cm wide (open), 28cm long x 16cm wide (closed), change mat is 60x27cm
Materials: Polyester/Cotton, Laminated Cotton


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