Pregnancy Milestone Cards - Blue Florals

Pregnancy Milestone Cards - Blue Florals


Capture and document the most memorable moments with your pregnancy using these blue floral milestone cards!

Printed on professional 300gsm card stock.

Please note: The cards are to appear as wood, but it is the design, printed on card stock.

Pregnancy - 32 cards per pack including: 

We are having a baby, 
I'm getting a baby brother or sister,
The test was positive,
We are going to be grandparents,
I felt you kick for the first time,
Today is your baby shower,
Today we saw you for the first time,
The hospital bags are packed,
Today we heard a heart beat,
We have picked a name for you,
Your room is now ready,
Your first photo,
Labour has started,
I felt you move for the first time,
We are having twins,
Still waiting, Stop asking,
I cant see my toes,
It's a boy,
It's a girl,
Welcome to the world. 

8 weeks pregnant, 12 weeks pregnant, 16 weeks pregnant, 20 weeks pregnant, 24 weeks pregnant, 28 weeks pregnant, 30 weeks pregnant, 32 weeks pregnant, 34 weeks pregnant, 36 weeks pregnant, 38 weeks pregnant, Today is your due date.


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