Baby Milestone Cards - Monochrome

Baby Milestone Cards - Monochrome


These milestone cards are perfect for either a boy or girl! Great for a baby shower gift, new baby gift, and once used place them with memorable photos in a photo album as a keepsake!

Materials: Printed on professional 300gsm card stock.

32 cards per pack including: 
1 day old,

1 week old,

2 weeks old,

3 weeks old,

4 weeks old,

5 weeks old,

6 weeks old,

8 weeks old,

10 weeks old,

12 weeks old, 
4 months old,

5 months old,

6 months old,

7 months old,

8 months old,

9 months old,

10 months old,

11 months old,

1 year old,
Today I sat up, 

Today I said a word, 

Today I giggled,

Today I got a tooth,

Today I stood up, 

Today I rolled over, 

Today I smiled,

Today I ate some food, 

Today I slept through, 

Today I walked, 

Today I crawled,

Today I waved. 


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